Should retouching cosmetic ads be allowed?

There is a great article in an advertising trade magazine about how much digital retouching should be allowed on a print ad.
Click here to read the Adweek article on mascara ads

What do you think?  Do you care if they retouch a mascara ad so that the model has giant lashes?  Is it different from an editorial fashion shoot where they retouch the photo to make the model look as good as possible in the clothes?  I'm of the mind that if you're trying to sell something, like mascara, you shouldn't retouch a photo so the mascara looks like it does more than it actually can.  Or erase all of the pores and wrinkles on a face in an ad for foundation or skin care.  To me that falls in the category of false advertising.  Read the article and see what you think.  I'd love to read a few comments about it.


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