How to wear your hair for summer

In hot weather, my go-to hair style is like many women's - a pony tail. But sometimes I want to do something different. So the other night I dumped out my hair accessories (below) and decided to see how many different styles I could come up with.

My many scarves, headbands, barrettes, clips, bobby pins and other hair helpers
In the summer I always let my hair air dry, and if I'm going to bed while it's still wet, I'll braid it so that I get great looking waves on the bottom.  So it's often curly or wavy like in these photos.  One simple way to add a little style is to take a piece from the front, twist it around, then secure it in the back with a pin or clip.  Do the same on the other side.  From behind it will look like photo A below:

And when you take the twist out, especially if you spritzed it with water while it was twisted, you get a great loose wave like photo B.
Another option is to pull back one or both sides and secure it with a fancy barette like the crystal one in the photos below. Although you may want yours to be facing the correct direction, unlike mine. :-)

You can do something fancy, like the beaded and weaved black headband that I have on below

Or something very casual like the cute plastic barrettes that I'm using to put my long bangs back.

You can just dress it up by adding little clips with crystals dangling from them, like these green ones

Or another of my very favorites, a fabric scarf or headband

You can also pull the sides back and clip them behind your head with a decorative clip

You can use a really simple headband like these leather strings just to get your hair away from your face

Or another of my favorite looks, pull hair back in a ponytail, leave a few wisps loose in the front, and tie a scarf around the elastic for the pony tails.

Then there's the classic "side pony"

Then, of course, there are the really hot days when you want it completely up off of your neck and out of your face.  For this look I clipped it up and pushed the front back with a metal and crystal headband.

And if you really want to be daring, you can pull the front back and clip it with something like these - clips that dangle with little beads and crystals.  Or you could always go for the Bo Derek tiny braids from the 70's (Google it if you don't know what I mean).
Last is something that I don't have a photo of because I can't do it to my own hair very well - braids.  Braids are back in a BIG way this year.  Take a look on Pinterest and you'll find some very imaginative braids, along with, of course, the pretty pastel hair colors.  I'm getting to that sometime soon...

Have fun with your hair!


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