Make-up tutorial - mix up new shadow combinations

Summer is when most women want to keep their make-up light and minimal. But light doesn't have to mean bare eyes.  Personally if I don't wear eye make-up you can barely tell I have eye lashes.  I'm just happier with eye make-up on.  But in the summer I tend to wear lighter or brighter colors than in winter.  Recently I wanted to mix two colors that I don't usually wear. I got out my eyeshadows and set them on the nightstand, moving one beside the other to see which ones looked good together. I decided to use gray and blue. I used a light blue and grey for a day-time look.

Here's the end result:

Products used:
Urban Decay's Eye Primer Potion
MAC Moonlit Reflection
MAC Wonder Full
Laura Mercier Smoky Gray
MAC Penultimate liner in Rapid Black
L'Oreal Voluminous False Fiber mascara
MAC Amplified lipstick in Underplay
MAC Viva Glam IV lipgloss

The first step is to apply the light blue shadow on the lids of your eyes

Next use a light to medium gray in the crease and outer corner of your eye
Then I used the black pen to line my upper eyes and my lower eyes, carefully because this stuff dries almost instantly. Of course if you miss a spot you can always fill that in or fix a crooked line by adding a little width to it. Or if drawing lines just isn't your thing, use a pencil, since they're much more forgiving.
I skipped the photo of putting a pale color under my brows to highlight them.  I used a pale matte blue from MAC (Wonder Full), and I actually managed to cover most of the hair from my grown in eye brows.
Mascara on top and bottom was my last step for the eyes

I put a little bit of cream pink blush on my cheeks, and a darker nude lipstick and some gloss on my lips.  I really liked the way that the two colors looked together and will definitely use them again, maybe darker the next time.


  1. You look stunning!! Super fab!!!

  2. Thank you! This is one of my more ordinary make up looks, but I do really like it.


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