I got a box of beauty products to sample this week

from the web site Influenster.  It's a great site - brands team up with them to offer samples, and people sign on to give product reviews using social media.  You can earn "badges" by typing product reviews, answering questions, and linking your Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram accounts.  Periodically they send out a box of samples related to a specific topic, which they call a VoxBox.  The VoxBox that I received this week has samples of mostly beauty products.  Which product do you think I'll try first?  If you guessed it was the NYC eye shadows you're correct!  I've been wanting to do a look with a light gray eye and a dark lip, so this is perfect.  And I can use the Kiss eyelashes when I do it.
I'm also psyched to try the Goody twist pins. My updos are normally just twisted my hair and clipping it up, so it will be fun to do a bun with these.
I'm always looking for the perfect frizz control cream or serum, so I'll be curious to see how this "Not Your Mothers" cream works.  There's also a small candle from Bath and Body Works, and something called E-Boost. I don't really think that's a beauty product, but if it makes me feel energetic and healthy, I probably will look better. So indirectly it qualifies.
Look for posts this week with my reviews of the products.  I love free stuff!

Here's everything that came in the box, including a coupon for a big 3-wick candle
from Bath and Body Works



  1. Great box of goodies! Enjoy :-)



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