My thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by the storm

It doesn't seem right to post about beauty and fashion without pausing to acknowledge the horrible scenes that I've been seeing on the news.  We were extremely lucky in the southwest corner of Pennsylvania where I live.  We've had rain since Sunday, but the wind gusts were much lower than what was forecasted.  Seeing what has happened in New Jersey, Queens, Manhattan, West Virginia and other cities leaves me stunned.  The devastation is incredible.  I can't imagine what the people who have lost their homes are feeling. Even the ones who haven't lost everything have so much damage.  Millions without power, people stranded all over the world... my heart goes out to all of them.  I've been saying prayers, because that's all that I can do at this point.  I pray for strength for everyone, and guidance as to how to continue their lives after all of this.  If any of you have the ability to read this, try to take things one day, one hour, or one minute at a time, and know that there are many of us praying for and thinking of you.


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