Purple for Fall

Purple is one of my favorite colors.  Normally in fall I wear darker make-up all-over, but sometimes, especially in early fall, I still like to wear a lighter version of purple.  For this tutorial I combined a medium purple with and orangey-peach and light pink lipstick.  Unfortunately I did this one a few weeks ago, and now I don't remember exactly what products I used.  So here's the look, and I'll list my best guess for what I used.

Products used:
Urban Decay primer potion on eyes
MAC Firespot (limited edition no longer available) shadow -  substitute peach
MAC Fig shadow
MAC Chill shadow
MAC Bordeuxline eye pencil
Maybelline Falsies mascara
MAC Creme de la femme lipstick

Step 1 - Peachy eyeshadow brushed over lid with a Laura Mercier eyelid brush

Step 2 - brush a dark purple in the crease of your eye

Step 3 - Highlight under the "arch" of your brow with white or off-white shadow

Step 4 - Blend shadows

Step 5 - Line upper and lower eye with a deep plum eye pencil

Step 6 - Smudge liner with a smudge brush

Step 7 - Mascara on upper and lower lashes

Tada - finished!


  1. Great tutorial, lovin' the plums and peachys! I'm leery of venturing off into color...I always end up resembling my little nocturnal friend that rambles through the trash;)

  2. Thanks, Jeeda! One of my goals in writing this blog was to show a variety of color examples to get women more comfortable wearing color. So your comment was a big compliment!
    We have two of those nocternal friends, but ours like to come in through the pet door.


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