Gift ideas for tight budgets

Okay, so I'm not going to catch the attention of a luxurious brand of anything with this post.  But I do think that there are many people like me out there who want to give gifts but don't have much (if any) money to buy them.  So I thought I'd create an unconventional gift guide.

The first thing to think about in this case is the person that you're giving the gift to.  What do they care a lot about?  Do they have hobbies?  Do they create anything?  Do they listen to music?  Do they collect anything?  What have they done in their lives that they're proud of?  Did they build their house themselves?  Have they started their own business?  Have they raised happy, well-adjusted children?  Is a woman stylish and beautiful?  Is someone a shutterbug?  How do they identify themselves?  Is a woman a chef or does she love cooking as a hobby?  Does a man like fixing up old cars?  Are they a creative soul?  A non-conformist?  An old-fashioned, play-by-the-rules and work hard person?
All of this information can give you clues as to something they might really cherish that wouldn't cost you much if anything to make.  It just costs you the time it takes to pay attention.

Next are some things that you can make that won't cost much or take forever to make:

Photographs.  If the person is an avid photographer, skip this idea.  Otherwise, find photos of things they've created, that they love, that they've built, of times when they were recognized for an achievement, photos of people or pets that they love/loved, or of places that they love.

Music.  Do they love old LPs or 45s?  Do they still have a CD player?  Whatever format they like best, make a play list of their favorite songs for them.

Supplies for a hobby.  This one does cost some money, most likely.  But you can get a magazine subscription, which isn't that much.  Or a book about techniques for their hobby.  You could put together a list of blogs that talk about their area of interest.  Or a gift card.  Nothing makes me happier than a gift card to MAC or Sephora, regardless of the amount.

A gift coupon:  for something that you will DO for them.  It could be small repairs that your Mom or sister needs around the house or on their car, or one day of cleaning for your Grandma who can't get to everything anymore.

Anything that you can make them that they will TRULY enjoy.  A favorite batch of cookies or cupcakes, instructions for how to do something on the computer, anything.  Let your imagination run wild.  Just remember that most people's favorite subjects are themselves, even if they won't admit it.  :-)

Gift away, chickies!


  1. The gift coupon is a great idea - all it cost is your time.


  2. Great ideas!



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