My 10 most popular posts of 2012

The Independent Fashion Bloggers community asked us to create a post with our best or most popular posts from 2012.  It's always interesting to look at the posts I wrote that have gotten the most views.  Some I understand the popularity of, and others surprise me.

1.  How to apply lipstick is always popular.  I did one for fuschia in the spring, and one for red this fall, and both were surprisingly popular.  The techniques are the same no matter what color you're using, but here are links to both posts.

2.  Another very popular post of mine is How to do neutral make-up that isn't plain.

3.  This summer I played with blue eyeshadow a lot, since it's become popular again.  (For so many years it's been verboten.)  I did one look with some new blue eyeshadow that I'd gotten, and red lipstick.  It's turned out to be one of my most popular posts.

4.  Next is a post that I did for an IFB project, which was how to accessorize for summer.  Since it's always summer somewhere in the world, this continues to be popular, along with how to wear your hair for summer, another project post from IFB.

5.  The next post that's been popular isn't for everyone.  I like doing experiments with make up.  I saw some pink and blue eyeshadow on Pinterest one night, and decided I wanted to try my own version of it.  It's not an every day look, but it was fun to try out.

6.  One day I was searching information about my favorite mall, looking to see if they ever had fashion shows.  I discovered that on their web site they listed information on sales that their tenants were having.  I never knew that information was published, so I figured many other people didn't, either.  I wrote a post to let others know that they could find the same information about their local malls.

7.  Most of my popular posts are make up tutorials.  Not surprising since that's what I do the most posts about.  I have a few suggestions for anyone else who does these posts - if you're going to have close ups of your eyes, make sure they're perfect.  Pluck every stray eyebrow hair, because if you don't, someone will suggest it.  People will also suggest false eye lashes, but I think that's a personal preference.  Most women don't have time for them or aren't comfortable wearing them, so I don't normally show them.  To each their own.
One look that I did was with green and blue eye shadow, and I really loved the way it came out.  It's been one of my most viewed make up looks as well.

8.  My hair often gets dry since I color it and flat iron it.  One day I tried a Kerastase deep conditioner and my hair was so incredibly soft and smooth, I was thrilled.  I had to share that information.

9.  Mint was a very popular color this spring, so I wore a lot of mint or other green eye shadow.  I created one post where I wore mint and purple eyeshadow, and it still gets views.

10.  Last is one of my earliest posts this year, back in January.  This one is a more dramatic make up look, with eye shadow that looks black and white.  Looking over all of my posts I can see that I've come a long way - my photos are much better, and the whole process is much easier for me.

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