Orange eyeshadow can be a neutral

Do you doubt me?  Just look at this photo of my finished look?  The eyeshadow in the crease is orange, and when paired with a pale color on the lid and brown lipstick, it makes a perfect neutral palette for your face.  I loved orange years before it became the "it" color last spring.  So I created this tutorial to show how you can use bright "summer" colors with neutrals that you can wear no matter the season.  For a list of the products that I used along with step-by-step photos, scroll down.

I love dark lipstick almost as much as shiny hair!
 Products that I used:

Urban Decay primer potion
MAC Samoa Silk eye shadow
MAC Orange eye shadow
MAC Vanilla eye shadow
MAC Bordeauxline eye pencil
L'Oreal Voluminous False fiber mascara
MAC Double Shot lipstick

First I applied the samoa silk shadow on the lids. It is one of my favorite colors of eye shadow - a soft, peachy beige

Then I used a pointed crease brush to sweep the orange shadow back and forth across the crease of my eye

Then I put an off-white matte shadow under my brow to highlight the arch (what little of one I have)

Then, because I was in an experimental mood this day, I lined my eyes with a dark purple pencil liner

It doesn't look as odd as one might think, especially once I put on mascara.  If it's too much for you, however, substitute brown.

Then I put mascara on top and bottom lashes, and covered up the little bits of mascara that I got on my eye lid

There you go - a perfectly ordinary look.  Experiment a little - try colors that you think wouldn't look good together.  Experimenting is how you find new things that you like.



  1. How do you like the L'Oreal Voluminous False fiber mascara? I was looking at it at Ulta and though .. nooo, put it back .. lol.


    1. I did love it, and I've been a voluminous fan for years. But then I tried Maybelline's Falsies mascara and I really love the curved brush. It seems to get all of my lashes better then the L'Oreal. What do you use?

    2. Have been using Almay's Get up and Grow mascara. It's pretty good, no complains, well except I doubt the mascara is helping my lashes grow (ah, marketing) .. anyway, I'm rather curious about 'fiber' mascaras as of late. I may have to give the L'Oreal Voluminous False fiber mascara a try.


  2. Hello lovely Donna-
    My heart goes out to you- I know how precious pet can be! I still hurt over the lost of the love of my life a black cat named Malcolm and that was 3 years ago! I called him the love of my life, and is it sad that I mean it? I don't think so! So my condolences sweet lady.

    Do not give up on love! However I don't mean that you can only be happy as a boxed set because I don't believe in that one bit. I swore long ago (ok a decade ago) that I was going to bring sexy back to the term spinster, and I still swear it.

    Hugs to you, lovely. And a big double hug. -Bella Q

    1. Thanks so much, Bella! What a nice comment. I don't know if I'll ever have another cat as sweet as my Buddy (she slept on my head and I actually liked it!), but I have 2 others that are keeping me company.

      I especially like what you said about being happy as a "boxed set". I love that phrase! I used to believe that, but I have gotten over that. Still, I hope that some day I will meet someone that I want to share my life with.

      big hug back to you, girl! Thank you! Donna

  3. I have wanted to experiment with using more color in my eye makeup lately. I have been in a neutral rut. I would look sick in orange eyeshadow but I may have to experiment with other colors.

    1. Yes, orange isn't for every skin tone. But there are so many colors that I thought I wouldn't like but once I started experimenting I found out that they look better than I thought they would. Purple is a very flattering color on almost everyone, and greens are pretty good, too, especially matte textures. Have fun and show me if you do try a new color!


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