What earrings are best for you?

 It's the time of year for most of the award shows - Golden Globes, the SAG awards, the Grammys, the Oscars... and probably more that I'm unaware of.  The gowns are the fashion item that garner the most attention, but after those it's the jewelry.  Did they choose the best jewelry?  Should they have just worn the dress with no necklace?  Whatever dress they wear, one piece of jewelry that is always appropriate is earrings. Aren't you glad that people don't scrutinize your jewelry choices that much?  (Unless you have a nasty co-worker, boss, or mother.)  I'm wondering what kind of earrings will be "in" this year. I've seen a lot of hoops this past year, along with very large earrings.  Some are so big I wonder if they're uncomfortable.  I mean, how much can a little ear lobe hold?
Honestly I don't choose my jewelry by trends, unless it's something I truly love.  I wear something that matches my outfit in both color and style.  If in doubt I wear silver, since it goes with anything.  I don't wear huge earrings anymore, although I do prefer dangles over studs. I started making my own necklaces and earrings a few years ago.  I have a shop on Etsy called 405 Creations, and I also get custom requests on my Facebook page.   I don't have the equipment to make elaborate earrings or solder metal earrings, or the money for diamonds or other expensive gems, but hopefully someday I will.  For now I tend to use Swarovski crystals and some glass beads or pearls.
Independent Fashion Bloggers proposed a project this week involving a post about earrings.  Since I already have so many photos of my own creations, it was a natural choice to feature my own.  I truly do wear my own earrings most of the time, although I also have some favorites that I had bought before I started making them.
What are your favorite kinds of earrings?  Do you like dangly ones with crystals, bead, or gemstones, or do you prefer just metal? Studs? Have you ever tried ear cuffs?  Do share!

Swarovski crystal and copper french hooks

Butterscotch pearls and Swarovski crystal small earrings with copper french hooks

Peach and clear crystals (Swarovski) with sterling silver french hooks

Butterfly and bicone crystals with silver spacer beads and silver french hooks

peach and clear crystal with silver accent beads

crystal and pearl earrings
crystal and silver accent beads with french hooks

green and blue crystal earrings

Clear crystal and topaz and fuschia round crystal with sterling silver french hooks

Silver filagree and amethyst AB crystals with silver french hooks

silver filagree chandelier earrings
Silver filagree daisies with round crystals at bottom, sterling silver french hooks
Silver earrings from photo above


  1. Cute earrings ! ^^
    I love the Silver filagree and amethyst :)


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