oops! I shaved off my eye brow!

I used to get my brows done by a woman who used scissors to trim them, and she did such a great job that I felt like I should do that, too.  Of course, I have no idea of the method for this.  But how hard can it be?  Just trim off the ends.  During the holidays I bought a tiny shaver at Marshall's. It said on the package that you could use it to trim your eye brows. So I opened up my package with the shaver, looked it over, and saw a switch that turned it on.  When it comes to reading directions, sometimes I'm like a guy.  I didn't want to read how to use this thing, I just want to use it.  So I hovered it over my eye brows, and don't ask me how, but I didn't notice that I'd shaved off almost all of the brow in one spot.  Then I used it on the other one.  Finally I admitted to myself that I didn't know what the hell I was doing.  I had two eye brows with spots missing.  Very attractive!  I got out my brow pencil and my brow shadow and got to work hiding my bald spots.
(For brevity I just showed one here since I used the same process on both brows.)

The beginning brow, missing hair at the very beginning of it.

 I used a Cover Girl eye brow pencil to draw one line on the bottom of my brows (or as close as I could get with the bad mirror I had).  This is part of my regular brow routine - it helps to define them.

Then I filled in the "bald spots" with the pencil

Then I used an angled brush to fill in the brows more with brow powder, using a slightly darker shade on the arch and the bald spot.

The combination of the pencil and shadow filled in the bare spot pretty well, I think.  I definitely won't be doing this again.  Maybe I'll get some scissors...


  1. I think I have a similar tool and you must be careful with that thing .. lol. Great job on the cover up though .. you'd hardly notice your accident :-)


  2. So funny, Monica! I don't know why I didn't stop as soon as I shaved off the first bit. I was determined to use that shaver! But at least I was able to laugh about it. There's always something to be learned.


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