Kerastase thermique works some serious magic

Like many women, I've amassed a collection of partially used hair care products while searching for ones that really work.    I'm cautiously optimistic that my search has ended when it comes to a heat styling protectant.  I was browsing through the Kerastase web site and noticed that most of the rave reviews were for its thermique products.  Their purpose is to protect hair from heat damage.  I had just bought a new one from Alterna's caviar line, but I wasn't too happy with it.  Like the other ones I'd used, when I'd spray it on, sometimes it hit the intended hair and sometimes it didn't.  It also seemed to make my hair crispy in spots, and a little frizzy, even after flat-ironing. It also took a LONG time to flat iron my long hair.  So tedious!

I decided to give the Kerastase one a try, along with their shampoo and conditioner.  The most difficult thing about their site was choosing which kind I should buy - curly hair, long hair, color treated hair, fine hair....  I finally decided to get their Cristaliste shampoo, conditioner and serum since I have long hair.  It's supposed to be a light formula for long, thick hair or long, fine hair (I bought the one for long, thick hair). For the heat-protectant, though, I got the one for color-treated hair, named Chroma Thermique.

Monday night I tried all of them.  I didn't notice anything different when I washed my hair, and the serum was like any other when putting it in.  I usually let my hair air dry, so I can't attest to how it all would work with a blow dryer.  But when it dried it was very soft, and had no frizz at all.  I was surprised to find that the thermique was a cream instead of a spray.  I was afraid it would make my hair oily, but it looked better than it did with the sprays I've used.  Flat-ironing it was a breeze compared with how it usually is. It straightening easily, and it didn't take nearly as long.  Also, usually when I flat-iron it, it gets thicker, as if I suddenly have more hair.  That's not really a bad thing, but it's not something I need, either.  With the Kerastase it is much smoother and silkier.  It's also very shiny.  Overall, it looks great and feels great.  I'm psyched.  I always wanted to be one of those women with smooth, shiny hair and now I am.

I ordered mine from their web site, but there are salons that carry it and probably some other stores.  I highly recommend giving the thermique product a try.  If any of you have used any of their other products I would love to hear what you thought of them.



  1. I'm not a fan of Alterna's caviar line and it's expensive.

    I have the Keratase Bain Satin shampoo and mask and think it's ok. I've also tried the Chroma sensitive and wouldn't repurchase. I think the Keratase line is good, I just haven't found the correct product for my hair - yet ;-)


  2. I'd never heard of Alterna, but it was the only heat styling protectant the sales woman at Sephora knew of. And you're right - it is expensive! I'm planning to return it.
    Good to know about the Kerastase products that you bought. I won't buy anything else until I use what I bought but I'll steer clear of what you bought. I will keep using/purchasing the thermique, though. It really is so good.


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