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Do you love getting something good in the mail?  I do!  Usually it's just magazines, but recently I've been on a make-up and skincare mission, so I've been ordering online and getting lots of things in the mail.  For me it's like opening a present (except that I know what it is).  My favorite is ordering make-up, because it's colorful.  For me it's like getting paint or craft goodies.  It's art.  Plus since I order from a web site, I don't really know what the lipsticks  etc.will look like (which is sometimes bad, but usually good.). 

What's your favorite thing to get by mail?  Do you have some favorite online shops?  If so, please share!  It's always nice to find some new sites with good stuff.  So far, MAC, Sephora and Nordstrom are my favorites.  Nordstrom and Sephora give you free samples, and if I order online I'm not tempted to buy anything other than what I intended.  That's not so easy when you're in a store.  Of course, Nordstrom has a fabulous return policy, which is a big "pro" in my book.  One thing I haven't done is  to order clothes on line.  I'm afraid that I'll get something and it won't fit.  Any suggestions?


  1. Wow, you went Mac crazy! I haven't been shopping much for makeup as I really want to use a few items and really decided if those items are worth keeping or tossing.

    For clothing, I check the return policy first and then I look at their sizing charts. I also try to stay with stores that will accept a return back to their brick & mortar store.

    And .. so you don't have to go back searching my blog regarding athletic shoes ;-) .. I personally like Saucony, but it you follow Alice over at Happiness at Mid-Life she wears Asics for running. I would just go try on a bunch of different brands and see which ones work best for you :-)



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