Time for shades and bright lips

Finally, we have some warm temperatures and sun this week in the northeast of the U.S.!  (Denver, you have my sympathy.)  It's time to either get out your favorite sunglasses, aka sunnies, or go buy a pair.  And then indulge in the brightest lipstick that you're comfortable wearing.  Bright lipstick is my way of celebrating warmer temperatures.  And I have plenty of brights!  My favorite color is bright pink, like this one from MAC (named Show Orchid).  I also have been enjoying the bright oranges and pinkish orange hues.

Now as far as sunglasses - how do you choose yours?  Do you buy whatever the current trend is?  I've never been big on trendy sunnies.  The giant-sized roundish ones don't look good on me, therefore I won't wear them, no matter how trendy they are.  I've been wanting a pair of cat eye sunglasses for years (honestly), and I finally found a pair a few weeks ago.  I would have went for an even more exaggerated shape if I could have found them, but these will look good for a long time.  In addition to a look that I like, I also pay attention to their quality - do they protect from UVA rays as well as UVB?  And also important is how they look on your face shape.  I have a bit of a long face, so things that break it up horizontally are good for me.  If you have a round-shaped face or square-shaped there will probably be different shapes of glasses that look best on you.

Whatever you choose, wear them all of the time when you're in the sun to protect your eyes and the skin around them.  Most sunscreens aren't meant to be worn near the eyes, so your sunnies/shades are your only protection!  Choose wisely, everyone, and then have fun with them.

Sunglasses from DKNY, lipstick from MAC, "Show Orchid"

My "cool" look   :-)


  1. Ooo, those sunglasses are cute! I love the slight cat eye.


    1. Thanks, Monica! It's probably good that I didn't get too much of a cat eye. These will stay in style longer


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