More NARS lip color swatches

I posted recently about my obsession with Nars's new satin and gloss lip crayons.  I got a few more since that post and thought I'd share the colors with you.  In the glosses I got three colors - Club Mix, Mexican Rose and Happy Days.  Since they're glosses they're a little more sheer than the Satin or Matte textures, so if you want to try some brights but you're not ready for an opaque bright, these may be just what you want. The darkest is Club Mix. It's a brown-red mix, and I was surprised at how dark it went on for a gloss.

The medium color shade is named Mexican Rose, which I think is my favorite.  It's a lovely pink-rose shade, and it makes your lips look so luscious.

The palest shade is Happy Days, a nice pale peach gloss.  I don't have any photos of it on me yet, but you can tell that it's the first one of the swatches.  These are all so pretty and perfect with summer.  They'll look even better once I get my fake tan!  I have a few more bright, opaque lip colors coming up in a post, for all of you who like to be full-on bright.
I hope that all of you had a good Memorial Day!


  1. These colors are really pretty - bright and vibrant!


    1. I know! I just love the pretty bright pinks.


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