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Did any of you go to the Kentucky Derby last weekend?  Or watch it on TV?  I didn't do either, but I did go on Instagram to check out the hats and fascinators that the women wore.  If you're not familiar with the "hat tradition", it's a tradition for people to wear the wildest, craziest hats they have to the Kentucky Derby.  I LOVE hats, and fascinators.  Fascinators are head pieces, usually something attached to a headband, and  usually off to one side of the head.  They are more popular in the U.K. than the U.S., but they are becoming more common here in the states.  So many people admire the style of Kate Middleton, and she wears them.  You can wear a stylish type like she wears, or indulge your creative side and wear one that's more unusual. They’re the perfect thing to wear to a spring or summer wedding, or an evening cocktail party.  They don’t cover your head as much as a regular hat, so they won’t give you "hat head", and it’s acceptable to keep them on throughout an event.
Still, for many women dressy hats and fascinators are the least utilized fashion accessories.  The prospect of wearing something bright, embellished or feathery on our heads for the first time is enough to make some women nervous and self-conscious.  So they stick to the safe route of not wearing anything.  We don’t want to be noticed TOO MUCH!  Why not?  Don’t we want people to look at us and think “she’s so sophisticated” or “she’s got great style”?  Or even better, “she looks like Kate Middleton”. I’d take that compliment any day! 
My style runs from sophisticated and elegant to fun and out there.  The nice thing about headpieces/hats is that there’s a style for everyone.  And you don't have to worry that they won't have one in your size. I’ve been exploring a variety of special occasion hats and fascinators on the website of one of the U.K.’s biggest department stores, House of Fraser.  Below are some examples of the kind of fascinators they have.  There are A LOT of them, so if you don't see one you like below, click the link here to look at more.  Have fun with your style, and be confident.  That IS something that people find fascinating.

  1. Madelyn black pillbox cocktail hat, Phase Eight.  Similar to this one from Jane Taylor
  2.  Spotted pillbox, Untold
  3. Purple quill fascinator, similar Here
  4.  Aurora fascinator, Phase Eight
  5. Alexon disc fascinator
  6. Red feather flower fascinator, Precis Petite 
  7. Cecily hat, Hobbs Invitation 
  8. Wavy flower saucer, Kaliko
  9. Lace covered pillbox with feather, Untold


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