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I've come across some great clothes lately, as well as shoes.  I thought I'd share a few with you (with more to come).  First are some great leggings for summer from Hue.  I found them on Nordstrom's web site during their Half Yearly Sale.  They're bright versions of pastel colors, they're capri length, and they're made out of cotton and spandex.  They have real pockets in back and fake ones in front to resemble Chino's.  They're super comfortable and look great.  Here's what the ones I bought look like:

Another thing that I'm loving is the wedge sneakers.  This trend started last spring, but it's become mainstream now and I'm seeing them everywhere.  For awhile I told myself that it wasn't for me, because I thought the wedge heel would hurt my back, which I have a lot of problems with anyhow.  But I just kept looking at them longingly whenever I saw them.  Finally I decided to browse on Zappos, my very favorite shoe shopping site.  (If you haven't tried Zappos yet you really should. Their site is easy to navigate, they have a great selection, and their customer service is stellar. They make shoe shopping extra fun.)  Anyhow, I found a pair of wedge sneakers that are so me.  I'm all about bling, so I've been thrilled about the studded shoe trend AND the metallic trend.  I found a pair of wedge sneakers that are metallic gold with studs.  Beyond cool!
Gold metallic wedge sneakers from Type Z

The inside of the shoe doesn't have studs, so I won't cut myself

Alas, if metallic and studs aren't your thing, there are plenty of wedge sneakers that are much more plain.  Have you tried the wedge sneakers yet?  If not, are you going to?  What fashion trends are you into this summer?


  1. I bought some items from the Nordstrom half yearly sale too .. will blog about them eventually.

    Cute wedge sneakers!


  2. I can't wait to see what you got, Monica. Aside from make up, the Half Yearly Sale is one of the few times that I I can afford to shop at Nordstrom. I love them, though, their Customer Service is so good.


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