MAC's collab with Rihanna, and bad UPS days

So, did you order anything from the RiRi loves MAC collection?  If you did, you know about the astronomical Time it took to get an order placed.  The first item from the collection was a red lipstick named RiRi Woo.  I wasn't paying attention then, but I read that it sold out in stores in under 3 hours.  They announced that it would be released again with some other products in June. I saw a preview of it and wanted the lipsticks, since they were shades of violet and were matte, two of my favorite things.

Last Monday I checked their site and saw that it was going to be released Tuesday at noon. That was a small problem for me because I sleep during the day (long story). But I set my alarm for 10 to 12, figuring I could order them, and go back to sleep.  Little did I know it would take hours to order them.  Honestly, it took me 2 hours and 40 minutes.  It seemed that they had some major computer/network problems.  I've worked in tech for a long time, so I sympathized with that.

They shipped my order out pretty quickly, and it was due to arrive on Friday (last week).  As I mentioned, I sleep during the day, so I normally don't see the UPS guy.  He leaves my packages in the same place every time, on the back steps or the back porch, in the shade.  But not this time. For some odd reason he left it on our front deck, baking in the sun.  And MAC's boxes are black.  So by the time I found the box, the lipsticks had started to melt.  What are the odds??  I took them inside, into the A/C, and flipped the boxes to the opposite sides, hoping that as they cooled they would tilt back to the center of the tube.  That didn't happen, but they didn't melt too badly, anyhow.  The one that I wanted the most is of course the one that melted the most.  I ordered another one before they sold out, and plan to file a claim with UPS.

But here is what they look like (I only bought RiRi Boy and Heaux).

RiRi Boy and Heaux swatches

The melted side of my Heaux


RiRi Boy, leaning to the left a bit

See the wax at the bottom of the lipstick  :-(


  1. Oh, nooo .. what a bummer! Not much you can do I guess .. perhaps leave a note next time?



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