It's almost time for boots!

It's almost that time of year.  The time that most women look forward to all year.  Christmas?  Summer?  No way, it's boot weather in the U.S.!  I like shoes, but I LOVE boots.  All kinds of boots are in my closet - knee-high, ankle-boots, booties, mid-calf, suede, leather, flat, high-heeled, sleek and dressy, tough-looking, Doc Martens to Vince Camuto.  I try to vary my colors but the majority of mine are black.  But they all look so cool.  If it were up to me it would be autumn for at least 6 months out of the year.  (The best time for boots if you live in a snowy climate.)

This year it looks like the trends for boots are on the tough side.  Motorcyle boots,  riding boots, "Engineer" boots (basically flats that look functional rather than fashionable), and cowboy boots are everywhere.  I suppose these go well with the leather jackets that are so in right now.  To be honest, none of these are my favorites.  I do like a general purpose flat boot, so I may invest in some of those in leather, since all of my flat boots are suede (not so practical in snowy weather if you have to do some walking).  But aside from that, I'll be taking a pass on the trends this year.  Below are a few of my favorites that I'll be wearing.

For any day that it's not snowing or slushy, I'll be wearing my Minnetonkas.  I love, love, love the look of these boots, and they're super-comfortable, too.  And they come in fun colors in addition to the usual black, brown and tan.  Heaven!

Minnetonka three-layer fringe boots (Zappos)

When I'm in the mood to look bad ass, these boots from Koolaburra will be my choice.  They make me extremely tall (I'm already a little over 5'8"), but they look SO very cool I couldn't resist buying them.  I love the look of the distressed leather and the studs.
Koolaburra boots (Hautelook)

Last, when I just want a low heeled (but not flat) boot that will go with everything, these ankle boots from Vince Camuto will probably be my choice.  They're dressy but not too much, and they're not suede!

Vince Camuto Gregger (Zappos)

These won't be all I wear.  I have flat black suede knee-high boots that I love, flat rust-colored suede cal-height ones, flat grey suede knee-highs, and of course Doc Martens and some Ugg-looking boots by Steve Madden.  I think I've got my feet covered!  Are you a boot lover?  If so, what are your favorites? 


  1. I'm looking at boots this weekend - Macy's Labor Day sale (yahoo!). I'm not buying, not one more pair of sandals this year :-P I'm ready for boots.

    So far, I'm loving black boots with gold details.


    1. Me too! I ended up buying 2 pair of black boots with gold details. Love them!


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