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If you haven't tried Hautelook and you like to shop, or you like to get a deal on a good brand, you're missing out.  Hautelook is a web site owned by Nordstrom. It features clothing for men and women, shoes for men an women, jewelry, beauty products, home decor, and children's clothing and shoes.  The idea is that it's a "flash sale" site.  Every day different products are put on sale at 8 am PT.  Most of them stay on sale for a few days.  The supply of items is often limited, so they may sell out, or they may not have something in your size.  But if you find something you want, the discounts are usually very good.  Often the brands are ones that I'm not familiar with, but I've discovered those are often some of my favorites.
If you want to try it, you have to create a login.  Then, if you want, they send you emails each morning telling you what's new on sale that day.  Click on an item in the email and you're taken to that sale on the site.  If you find something you want, choose Add to Cart and it will stay in your cart for 15 minutes.  After that it remains in your cart but is listed as expired, and you have to add it again.  That can be annoying if you're doing a lot of browsing.
The only other downside in my opinion is the sizes of the women's clothes.  I'm either an XL or a plus 0 or 1, and I have a hard time finding things in my size.  It's not that bad, though - it keeps me from buying too much.  That's the other potential downside to Hautelook - it's addictive.  But I've found some unique clothing, and gotten some great deals on clothes and beauty products.
One other thing to note, although it's owned by Nordstrom, it doesn't have the same fabulous customer service.  They charge for shipping unless you order over $100.00, and if you need to return something, you pay the return shipping UNLESS you're willing to take a site credit.  And don't expect your purchases to come quickly.  For some reason most orders take AT LEAST a week, usually more (as in several weeks).  Occasionally I'll get something in a few days, though.  I'm guessing it depends on whether they have it in stock, and if not, how fast the vendor ships to you or them.
So now that you know, check it out.  And let me know what you think of it.  Here's a link to get you there.


  1. I like HauteLook, but opted out of their emails - too tempting!


    1. That's funny, Monica, I just changed my settings, too. Getting those emails every day is just too tempting! There's always some good deal that I'd think I couldn't pass up. I figured if I don't know about it I won't feel like I have to have it. It's much less tempting to just check their site every once in awhile.


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