Urban Decay's Revolution lipstick

Urban Decay recently debuted some new lipsticks, and I was intrigued enough to stray from my usual MAC.  I have bought three so far.  I've found the texture to be wonderful - creamy and easy to apply.
The packaging is very attractive.  The price is a bit steep for the amount that you get.  It's 23.00 for a slim tube.  For that reason I'll probably not be buying all of them.  I did some swatching on my hand as well as my lips. ( No criticism for the slightly messy lip application, please.  I wasn't going out, just trying them out.)  Have you tried any?  If so, which color is your favorite?

Anarchy, Jilted and Venom

My favorite is Venom, a beautiful pinkish violet

From left to right: Venom, Jilted and Anarchy
applying Jilted

Jilted on bottom, my pale natural lip color on top!

Applying Anarchy

Anarchy on top, Jilted on bottom

Okay, my skin looks horrible in these shots! I think my new camera is a little TOO sharp.


  1. Wow, really bright and great to see 'in action'. I'm trying to go through my lipsticks and toss what I'm not wearing. The collection is a bit out of control .. lol

    Monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com

    1. I'm glad that I took these photos, because in the bathroom the colors looked identical on my lips. Obviously I can't trust the regular lighting in the bathroom! I know what you mean about the collection being out of control. Mine is crazy right now and I've already got rid of any old ones! Lipstick and shoes are my weaknesses.


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