Is it harder to have style when you're a plus size?

What do you think? If you're thin you've probably never thought of it, but if you are or have ever been above a size 14, you probably have.  The sad fact is that for anyone size 14 or larger, there aren't as many clothes to choose from.  Especially if you like to shop discount stores like Marshall's, TJ Maxx or Loehmann's.  BUT, there are great clothes in larger sizes if you know how and where to find them.  This list is limited to where I shop, which is generally at lower cost stores.  Macy's probably has great plus-size clothes, but I'm usually looking for prices slightly below their price point.

When I was smaller I found lots of great stuff at discount stores, but now it's harder, although not impossible.  I can fit into an XL depending on the manufacturer and the type of clothing.  And those stores do have a small (rather sad) plus-size section.  For my basic clothes, I'm loving Kohl's right now. They have a nice selection of XL and plus-size clothes, especially if you shop at both the local store and their web site.  They can be more expensive than discount retailers, but I watch for sales, which they always have, and use promo codes and my Kohl's cash.

When I want something funky or unique, though, I look online.  I've found some great things on Hautelook.  In general I look for XL clothes, and if all that's available is L, I make sure the piece isn't form-fitting.  This has worked pretty well for me, and I've gotten some unique things from Free People, Monoreno (one of my favorites), Michael Simon, Love Stitch, Blu Pepper and even True Religion.

Of course there are the "plus-size retailers" as well.  The only one that I've shopped at is Lane Bryant.  They have a great selection of bras for the above D-cup chick, and the one near me has nice fitness apparel, too. ( I know that there are other plus-size shops, especially online, but I don't like to write about businesses that I haven't personally shopped at.)

Last but not least, I find a lot of good basics at my local thrift store.  I figure there are plenty of people who have lost or gained weight and have donated their good clothes that don't fit anymore.

Once you have sources for clothing in your size, then you have to learn the best way to dress your body.  Specifically you can dress to hide some things and emphasize others.  Every woman is shaped differently, plus-size or not.  We all like different things about our bodies.  Here are a few general bits of info that are helpful to me:  consider hiding your arms if they're large.  For some reason I look bigger now that my arms are bigger.  I can't bear to wear long-sleeves in heat and humidity, but I can wear a wafer-thin cardigan over my sleeveless dress, a thin shirt with cut-out shoulders (aka a cold shoulder), or a shirt with bat-wing sleeves.  And now that fall is here, I'll be very happy to wear long-sleeved sweaters and shirts.

Also, if you have large breasts, you might want to be careful about the type of loose tops you wear.  Some of them cling to the top of your breasts and then fall straight down.  So your waist and belly will look like they're as big as your breasts.  In most cases that isn't true, and you're making yourself look bigger.

So now that I've shared my ideas and stores, do any of you have stores or sites that you can share?  Any tips for dressing?  Please share if you do!


  1. I did see a plus size section at Forever 21 so stores are realizing that women come in all shapes and sizes .. and same with a pear shape, I do see more 'roomy through hip and thigh' than I use to. However, the skinny girls always have the best selections in stores like Zara and H&M.



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