Ponchos and knit wraps are in for fall. Here's why

Well, here's why in MY opinion, at least.  First, they're so easy to wear.  In the case of wraps, throw them over your shoulders and you're done.  These aren't the kind of wraps that just go around your shoulders for an evening outfit.  These are knit, and long.  Mine comes down to my knees and has rhinestones on the ends, and fringe.  Ponchos are just as easy to wear.  Pull it over your head and you're ready to go.  Some are like old style ponchos with no sleeves, and some have sleeves.  I have a beautiful black one from Michael Simon with very pretty rhinestones on the cuffs of the sleeves and the collar.

These are great things to wear in the Fall or if you have mild winters.  Once it gets really cold you'll need something warmer, but until then, these are comfortable, stylish and they look chic.  I put in a few pictures of me wearing them and some on the hangers.

Long and flowy.   An oversized poncho-like shirt covered with a black wrap
The back of the poncho shirt. Looks kind of like a big blanket. It's as comfortable as one, too.  Monoreno from Hautelook
I look like I'm doing some kind of weird dance. In reality I'm just trying to show how the wrap lays over the poncho-shirt
The sleeves on the Monoreno poncho shirt are very loose. The whole thing is basically a square of fabric with embroidery

Black wrap from TJ Maxx
Sequined bottom of knit wrap
Knit poncho by Michael Simon from Hautelook

Sequined cuffs on poncho


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