New NARS lip crayon swatches /photos

If you're looking for some stocking stuffers or office gifts, lip crayons are great for make- up lovers or someone who only wears lipstick.  They're easy to use, and something about the crayon design makes them more fun to use.  I've done a few posts about some of the NARS and Urban Decay ones that I have, but it's been awhile, so I thought I'd add a few more.
First, it's important to know that NARS makes theirs in 3 different finishes.  The first is matte velvet, the next is satin, and the last is velvet gloss.  The mattes are the most opaque with the driest finish, the glosses are the sheerest with the most glossy finish (you'd never have guessed), and the satins are in-between.  The first picture I have is of a satin finish pencil named Rikugien.

These next photos are of a matte pencil named Damned.  I layered it over a lip pencil (MAC's Vino) of a similar color.  I like to use a lip pencil when I'm using a dark colored lipstick.  It gives me a sharper, more accurate outline.

Last, I used NAR's Train Bleu over MAC's Night Moth lip pencil.  I had lip balm on when I started, which is why it looks glossy.  It is NOT GLOSSY, it's a matte pencil.  Without the lip balm, it would look like the finish of the Damned above.

I've got a few others that I haven't written about yet, mostly nudes.  I'll get those on here soon.  But these give you a few ideas for presents if you need them.  More gift ideas are coming, too!


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