The perfect berry lipstick

THE hot lip colors this winter are berry, wine, dark red, and/or dark purples.  Sometimes they have fancier names like bordeaux, crimson, etc. but I like to keep the names simple so people know what they are.  I absolutely love lipsticks in these colors, whether they're in or not. They look great with pale skin and dark skin, and all shades in between.  They look sophisticated.  I have a lot of them, but I recently discovered a new one.  It's Urban Decay's Revolution line, in a shade named Shame. But rest assured, there is nothing about it that will cause you shame.  It is sheer but if you like a more opaque look either add a second coat, or put on a lip liner first.  I should have done that, as you can see in these photos.  What can I say?  I was in a hurry.

Shame is sheer, so add a 2nd coat or use a lip liner.  And get rid of blotches of color, which I should have done


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