What kind of make up should you wear to holiday parties?

There isn't a simple answer to that question.  It depends on the kind of party (work, friends, family), what kind of person you are in general, and what you're wearing.  I have a few suggestions.  Note that New Year's Eve parties are sometimes much fancier than other parties and therefore make up can be amped up a little more for those.

If you don't normally wear make up, you should keep it light for a party.  A pretty lipstick, some mascara, and if you still need more, a tiny bit of glitter on your eye lids.  One of my current favorites for glittery eyes is MAC's pressed pigments.  They give a little glitter but not giant chunks.  If you want more you can add more than one layer of the shadow.  It looks very sparkly in these photos, especially the blue.  But on the eye the blue is actually less sparkly than the gray-purple.  The dark color of the shadow seems to override the sparkle.

MAC Pressed Pigments in Black Grape and Midnight

MAC Black Grape pigment

If you're wearing black, consider a bold lip.  Bright and dark colors look very sophisticated with a black
outfit.  If you do this, keep the rest of your face, including your eye make-up, minimal.  The general idea is that one feature on your face should stand out (we didn't seem to know this in the 1980's). I know a lot of women are afraid to wear red lipstick. They're afraid it will look too trashy, too sexy, just too much.  I know how you feel, I used to be the same way.  But if done right, red lips look classy.  Think Chanel No. 5.  If you're nervous, wear a matte red lipstick.  A glossy red lip can look sexy depending on the rest of your make-up, your hair, and your outfit.  Sometimes sexy is good, sometimes not.  Also there's the option of wearing dark lipstick instead of red.  There are a lot of dark plums and berries being sold now, and they look fabulous.

Ignore my fleece shirt and pretend that I'm wearing a black cocktail dress. Don't those dark lips look good?
If it's going to be dark in the room, consider a smokey eye.  The dark eye shadow actually makes your eyes a little more visible in the dim light.

No matter what make up you choose to wear, there are a few things I believe you must do if you're planning to stay awhile, especially if you'll be drinking.

1.  Wear primer on your eyes and under your foundation/base (or whatever you wear on your face).  Your make-up will look fresh even if you're not.

2.  Wear water-resistant or waterproof eye liner and mascara.  If you cry or your eyes water, this will save you from looking like a raccoon.

3.  Wear long-wearing lip pencil, lipstick, or both.  Or wear a nude color.

4.  Apply powder or a spray (i.e.: Urban Decay's De-slick) to set your make-up so it doesn't fade.  You should especially do this if your skin is oily.

Why are these musts?  Nothing makes you look crappy like smudged, smeared make-up when the lights come back up.  Especially if you're drunk.

So go forth, look beautiful, and have a good time!


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