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Lots of people give slippers for Christmas gifts.  If you're planning to do that, I have a few suggestions. First, find out what kind of slippers they like.  Most people have a preference - slip-ons, booties, slipper-socks, flip-flops... there are a lot of different kinds.  Also take into consideration how often they'll wear the slippers. Some people are rarely home and don't wear them often.  Other people, like me, are at home most of the time and wear their slippers all day and night.  For people like me, investing in good-quality slippers is worth the money.  Slippers with rubber soles last awhile and are great for walking out to the mailbox or garage.  If someone has any problems with their feet, back, or knees, slippers with arch support are almost necessary. With those things in mind, here's a few of my favorites.

My favorite brand right now is Acorn slippers.  Several of them have arch support, or very cushioned bottoms.  I bought their spa thongs and slides.  They're wonderful! So much softer than cheap slippers, but sturdier at the same time.  And washable, which is a requirement for me.

After wearing those during the summer, I was a fan, so I wanted something a little warmer for fall.  I saw a pair with a retro daisy print that I loved, and the reviews on Zappos were good.  I ordered those and just loved them!  They fit well, they have a strip of suede around the bottom, and a sturdy rubber sole on bottom.  Perfect for cooler weather, walking out on the deck, etc.  They don't seem to have as much cushioning as the spa slides and thongs, but are still comfortable.

When it got colder I ordered one more pair with a furry faux animal print around the top and side.  They are surprisingly warm.  I wear them with socks and my feet have been nice and warm even when the weather dips into the teens.

Another brand that gets rave reviews and are very cute are Haflingers.  They're a little pricey for me right now, but they're good for people with foot problems, and they have such cute designs.

Haflinger classic hard soles

Another cute, good quality brand is Giesswein's.  They're out of my price range, but they get rave reviews.
Giesswein Spital slipper
 Others that look comfortable and get good reviews are Minnetonka's moccasin slippers and Ugg slippers.  I can't speak to the arch support or cushioning in those, but at least they would be good quality.
Minnetonka Cally moccasin slippers

Ugg Cozy II


  1. I should order a better pair of slippers .. I always buy the ugg style slippers at Target and the inside wears out fairly quickly.


    1. Oh you should! Now that I'm used to the cushy ones I don't think I'll go back to the cheaper kind. Plus I have back problems so I hope these are better for that.


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