Deep purple (lips, that is)

Radiant Orchid may be the color of the year, but in lipstick circles, dark purple is very popular right now.  I've always loved purple lipstick.  My favorite was MAC's Rebel, but I longed for one that was just a little bit darker.  For that reason, this winter has been great for me.  MAC alone has come out with several dark purples, and Urban Decay and NARS have added some, too.  I'm sure there are more, but I can only justify buying so many.
At the end of December MAC came out with the ultimate dark lipstick collection, Punk Couture.  I actually stayed up all night to make sure I got the ones that I wanted.  There was a dark purple, a blackish-purple, a reddish black, and a totally black lipstick.  I bought all but the black.  I've been through my serious punk phase already, and I knew I wouldn't wear it anywhere.

Here are a few of my favorite dark purple lipsticks and lip pencils.  When I wear dark lipsticks I sometimes like wearing a lip liner, as it's easier to get an accurate outline of your lips with a pencil.

Lining my lips with Riri loves MAC's Talk that Talk lip pencil

My lips with just the liner  
Far right, Instigator and Punk Couture swatches
Instigator, Punk Couture, and No Apologies lip gloss

Applying Punk Couture over lip liner

Punk Couture over Talk that Talk liner

Here is a link to another post I did with a great dark purple from MAC, Dominate


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