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My latest obsession in clothing is the Free People label.  If you like bohemian style clothes, aka "boho", you will probably love their clothes, too.  They have a wide variety of clothes, too.  Some are very casual - loose maxi dresses, oversized t-shirts, jeans shorts.  Others are so beautiful and feminine that they can worn as wedding dresses.  They also have shoes, boots, lingerie, jackets, and jewelry.  Their clothing is generally not cheap, but if you browse their sale items or get their sales on Hautelook or Rue La La, you can get a decent price.  Of course, if you make more money than me, you might find the regular prices perfectly reasonable.  The clothing is certainly worth the prices.  It usually has lace and other details inserted that makes it unique.
It's also quite enjoyable to peruse their web site and look at the photos that customers upload of themselves wearing the clothes.  There are also "collections" that customers put together that are like pin boards of Free People clothes.
Here are some photos of some of the Free People clothes that I've managed to get, along with a few others that are my favorites from their site.

The shirt below is just stunning.  Black chiffon embroidered and beaded.  It will look great with jeans as well as a skirt and heels.

The "Stella" dress below is also stunning, but unfortunately too small for me.  I hated to return it, though, since I had gotten it on sale and it was so pretty.

The maxi dress  below is part of their Beach Collection.  Casual and lightweight, they're great for summer but can also be worn with leggings and a sweater or jacket and worn in spring or fall, too.

There is a lot of netted and see through lace and chiffon in their clothing.  Perfect for layering.

At first I didn't think this dress would look good on me, since I'm not a skinny model.  But once I added a few things, even something as simple as a belt, it started looking much better.  These dresses are meant for layering and accessorizing. And they're sooo comfortable! So soft and lightweight.

Do you own any items from Free People?  Do you like the bohemian style of dressing or are you a more classic-style woman?


  1. I don't own anything from Free People, but I always look when I'm in Macy's. I find that their cute cotton tops are always cut too low for me. Oh, well doesn't stop me from looking :-)


  2. I don't own any items from Free People but the clothes look comfortable :) (I like the outfit with the belt ;)!)


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