MAC By Request, 90's edition

Do you ever wish that you could go back to the 90's?  You can, in a way.  For one thing, nineties' fashions are back - floral dresses and combat boots, at least.  And if you hurry, you can get a MAC lipstick shade from that era.  It's online only, and it's recently been re-stocked, so check it out.  Number one as voted by MAC Facebook fans is Pink Poodle, a gorgeous fuchsia, then Hoop, a pretty rosy-pink, and Glam, a gorgeous pink-red. I bought all 3 and LOVE them.  I also got the Pink Poodle lip gloss and Hoop lip gloss, both of them are gorgeous.
There are also 3 eyeshadows that were voted to bring back.  (I didn't get any of those.)  There is Butterscotch, a nice yellowish beige, Diesel, a gray, and Fiction, a dark olive green.

These are limited-time only items, so get them while you can!  Then you can shop for those floral print dresses.

Pink Poodle lip glass
Applying Glam



Pink Poodle on me - still good after 4 hours of wear (unlike my eye liner)


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