MAC + Proenza Schouler collection

Are you a fan of Proenza Schouler?  If not, a little explanation…  they're fashion designers.  See if you want to check out their designs.  This spring they've also worked with MAC to design some cosmetics and beautiful packaging for them.
In addition to the cool packaging, there's the equally cool looking ombre blushes.  One is pink-themed (Sunset Beach) - it starts out as pale pink and morphs into a hot pink.  The other is coral-themed (Ocean City) - it goes from a peachy nude to a coral.  They're a little more expensive than a regular MAC blush (30.00), but the way I figured it (or rationalized it), I got 3 different colors in one blush package.
There is also lipstick, lip pencils, eye pencils, and nail polish.  The lipsticks come in nude (Woodrose),  pink (Pink Fringe), a bright orange-red (Mangrove) or a dark but sheer purple (Primrose).  They also are more expensive than a regular MAC bullet (22.00), but you're paying for the packaging.  You've probably heard people say that about the more expensive cosmetics and skin care, and it's absolutely true.  It costs more to manufacture fancy looking packages for cosmetics.  And every once in awhile I'm willing to pay that extra cost for something that I really like.
I'll post some pictures of the blushes once I get a full face of make up on and take pictures of it.  I played with them briefly and I really like the texture of them AND the look.  Subtle if that's what you want or a little more bold, but not clown-like.
The collection comes to Nordstrom, Macy's and MAC free-standing stores today (Thursday), so check it out!

The boxes

Ocean City ombre blush

Sunset Beach blush

Sunset Beach ombre blush
Pink Fringe lipstick.  Look at that beautiful mirror-finish packaging!
Primrose lipstick
Primrose on me
**Dupe alert!  If you bought the Sweet Succulence lipstick from MAC's Indulge collection last August, pass on Primrose, unless you want the packaging.  Sweet Succulence and Primrose look exactly the same.  Primrose does seem slightly smoother when being applied, but otherwise they seem the same.


  1. Ah, I was wondering what or who .. Proenza Schoule was. Mac also teamed up with the singer Lorde and she just looks fabulous.


    1. I know! The Lorde items come out at the beginning of June. It will be a purple lipstick since that's her signature color. I love purple hued anything, but I have so many that I'll have to wait and see if it's different from what I already have.


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