MAC's Alluring Aquatic first looks

First looks for me, anyhow.  I know that people overseas got it almost a month ago, but here in the U.S. we're just getting it now.  And the packaging is GORGEOUS!  If you love pretty shiny things, you will love this collection.  The products themselves are earthy tones, which some of us like and some don't.  I'm loving them.  I've got my brights from Playland and now I've got the nudes.  Here are a few quick looks at the products themselves and some hand swatches of the lipsticks that I bought.  I'll do some swatching of the eye shadows and the bronzers in the next post. Anyhow… if you're thinking of going to the stores on Thursday (when this launches), I would go early if you want lipsticks or eye shadows.  This is a very popular collection.

The whole she-bang, plus a few things from the travel size products

Goddess of the Sea lipstick swatch and Mystical lipstick swatch

Goddess of the Sea, Mystical and Pet Me Please swatches (note: Pet Me, Please doesn't swatch well, but it looks very nice on the lips)

Modern Lure gloss

Modern Lure, Water Deities, and Seducing Sound lip glosses
I have a few more items coming, which I'll show in another post, and I'll do some "lip swatches" and "eye swatches" of the shadows.  I think this collection is a must have, at least a lipstick just for the packaging.  And a compact, and an eye shadow...


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