MAC Alluring Aquatic swatches and things

A little late, but now that I have everything that I'm going to get from this collection I wanted to post some more pictures.  (I have to save some money for the Moody Blooms collection at the end of this month.)  I LOVE the packaging on this one, and the products have not disappointed, either.  Just beautiful earthy tones that will look so good this summer.  The darker shadows look different depending on how the light hits them.  At first glance they all look grey, but if you look at the hand swatch you can see the blue, green and brown tones in them.  Whether that shows up on your eyes will depend on the lighting.  One shadow that I didn't get that I now wish I had is Silver Sun.  It's a very pretty green with silver.  Can't have everything.

Lorelei middle of the lid and Fathom's Deep in crease

Fathom's Deep, Legendary Lure, Lorelei, and Soul Serenade
Goddess of the Sea lipstick

Lorelei Extra Dimension eye shadow. Its almost too pretty to use!

Mystical lipstick
If you like lip gloss at all, you should definitely pick up some of these.  They are gorgeous, and they really add an extra dimension to the lipsticks.
Pet Me Please lipstick with Clear Water gloss
Soul Serenade eye shadow and Water Deities gloss

Lorelei and Fathoms Deep eye shadow with Goddess of the Sea lipstick and Modern Lure gloss

Golden bronzer and Aphrodites Shell bronzer swatches on my cheek

Siren Song lipstick
I haven't had a chance to use the bronzers yet, but from what I've seen on other people with my skin tone, they give a nice fairly natural glow, which is just what I want.
I'm skipping a few of the collections coming up (just not that excited about Pedro Lorenco or The Osbournes).  I may get the Lorde lippie, not sure since I have a lot of purples already.  I am looking forward to the Moody Blooms collection, which has a dark, tropical theme.  That will showcase MAC's Sheen Supreme lipsticks and glosses, purple, blue, green and bronze shadows, dark fluid lines and a copper fluid line, and two blushes.  More on that one in a different post.
Did you buy anything from the Alluring Aquatic collection? What is your favorite?


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