MAC's Moody Blooms look

I got a few things from Moody Blooms today and wanted to do a quick post.  I got 2 fluidlines, Black Ivy and Copperthorn, the eye shadow Green Room, the lipstick Phosphorescent, and the blush Bred for Beauty.  A few initial thoughts:  Bred for Beauty is gorgeous, the texture and pigmentation is great.  I don't have pictures of it on me yet, the weather has been so hot and humid that I haven't been using much foundation.  My skin gets oily so quickly in this weather and has been breaking out horribly.  I don't want to post pictures of that!  Green Room and Black Ivy are also gorgeous, as I expected.  Copperthorn is not as easy to work with as a typical Fluidline due to it's chunky texture.  I found that if I press it on with the tip of a flat square brush it's much easier to work with than if I try dragging it with a brush.  When I used that method I did get some crumbling of pieces.  Phosphorescent didn't look exactly like I thought it would.  I had thought it would be a nice light coral after viewing it on Temptalia's and The Make Up and Beauty blog, but on me it looks more pink.  It's not a bad color, but I already have plenty of pink lippies.  Here are some quick pics of what I bought.

Bred for Beauty matte powder blush.  So incredibly gorgeous!

Black Ivy fluid line and Green Room shadow

Copperthorn fluidline

Phosphorescent Sheen Supreme lipstick
Green Room shadow on inner and outer corners, Black Ivy for liner

Phosphorescent in outdoor lighting


  1. That blush looks good! I don't keep up with MAC collections, but this one has piqued my interest.


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