Moody summer make-up

From top left (L-R) Artistic License, Lucky Green, and Moody Bloom
2nd row, L-R, Deep Fixation, Hidden Motive, Green Room

I haven't bought any make up since my one (gorgeous) purple lippie from MAC + Lorde.
I had to save money for other collections.  The first coming up is a Moody Blooms from MAC (of course), due in stores on the 26th of this month.  This collection was inspired by venomous and nocturnal plants.  There are single eye shadows in this one (see above), for the first time in a long time.  Most are Veluxe Pearl, and there are purples, blue, green, brown and pink-beige.

Next, the lip products:
L-R, Moody Bloom, Phosphorescent, Pheromonal, Quite the Thing, Lust Extract, and Venomous Violet 

The lipsticks are mostly variations of pink and purple hues, with one golden copper with tinges of plum.  All lipsticks are MAC's Sheen Supreme formula, a creamy texture with (surprise) a sheen to it.    There are also lip glosses to match (see below)  I have a few of these already, and they're unique in the way they're applied.  You twist up the body of the applicator until you see some of the colored gloss appear on/in the brush tip.  Be careful, once it starts coming out, stop twisting or you'll get a lot of gloss.  I really like these glosses.  Easy to apply and beautiful colors.

There are 3 gorgeous Fluidlines to line your beautiful eyes.  There is Black Ivy, a blackened green, Copperthorne, a beautiful sparkly copper, and Nightshade, a blackened purple.

Last there are 2 blushes:  Wordly Wealth is a beautiful shimmering gold, and Bred for Beauty is a very bright, matte pink.

This comes out in stores on the 26th (MAC free standing stores, Nordstrom, Macy's and probably Bloomingdales) of this month (June).
Check it out, maybe you'll be in the mood for some tropical colors to go with summer's heat and (in most places) humidity.  Or maybe you'll want to take it on your own tropical vacation!  (If so, I envy you!)


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