MAC and the Simpsons (Marge, specifically)

As some of you know, MAC recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Simpsons.  (If you don't know what The Simpsons is, google Marge and Homer Simpson, or skip this post.)  I was as surprised as everyone else that there were no lipsticks for this one, and I have no idea why.  There were lip glosses, which are sold out on MAC and Nordstrom's U.S. web sites, so if you want one at regular price, I would check your local store.  People love the Red Blazer one, Grand Pumpkin (Orange), and Itchy, Scratchy and Sexy(purple).  There is also a yellow-green named Nacho Cheese Explosion that can be very useful to layer over lipsticks that you want to change the color of.

There were 2 blushes, a pink named Pink Sprinkles (which I'll be getting soon because I grabbed a restock before it sold out online), and a coral blush named Sideshow You that was online only and is sold out online also.

There are 2 eye shadow palettes that are still available.  Both contain 4 eye shadows, and like the blushes, they have a picture of Marge Simpson imprinted on them.  The first is That Trillion Dollar Look.  It contains a Lime Green, a Kelly Green, a dirty Olive Green, and a dark/blackened teak.  The other, which I bought, is Marge's Extra Ingredients.  It has a baby pink, a vibrant purple, a bright blue, and a deep navy blue.  It is a nice, good quality compact, which was nice.  Cartoon items can sometimes feel cheap and therefore look cheesy, but these are not.  The shadows are a nice quality from what I've heard.  I can't bring myself to use mine!

Here are a few pics of it.

Pink Sprinkles blush
There is also a set of false lashes and some nail art stickers.  You may not have many choices online, but I've heard that stores still have a lot of stock from this collection.  I'll add photos of Pink Sprinkles to this post when I receive it.

And if you like this kind of themed collection, get ready for a Rocky Horror Picture Show collection coming at the beginning of October.  I'll write a separate post about it and the other fall collections coming out soon.  There are a lot, so start saving your money!!


  1. I'm not a huge Simpson's fan, but I do think this collection is totally adorable!



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