Last minute gift ideas for women

In case anyone out there is desperate, I thought I'd rattle off a few ideas:

- of course, gift certificates to a favorite store, restaurant, music service, movie theatre, spa, etc.
- camera (small or large, depending on your budget)
- lipstick or lipgloss
- pajamas (luxe, soft, warm ones!)
- jewelry
- music in any form (whatever way the recipient likes - digital, vinyl, etc.)
- Hand lotion (women can ALWAYS use that)
- nice smelling, beautiful candle (think Pier 1, not Wal-Mart)
- Picture frame, preferably with a picture she'll love in it
- an IOU for something she wants or needs (i.e., fixing something on her car or around the house)
- Cookies if she's not a baker
- Supplies for one of her hobbies

I can probably think of a few more after I get some sleep!


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