Shop my closet and my vanity

Since I've been into fashion and make-up for most of my life, and since my weight has swung from low to high a few times in recent years, I find myself with A LOT of clothes that no longer fit and more make-up than I will likely ever use.  I also have an urge to purge. Therefore I'm trying to sell clothes and make-up on E bay.  I've always taken good care of my things so all of the clothes that I'm listing are in good shape. Most of them were work clothes (for office work), but I also have some never worn jeans and evening clothes and eventually I'll get some of my barely worn shoes listed.  The make up is mostly limited edition things that I bought a "back up" of so they're brand new.

If you're interested in checking anything out, my E bay shop is named A_Unique_Style.  Have you ever bought or sold clothes or make-up on E bay or another site? I'm curious how sites like Poshmark and Threadflip are for selling clothes.


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