Swatches from the MAC x Nasty Gal collaboration

As I mentioned last week, MAC and Nasty Gal collaborated on a small collection of 3 lipsticks and 1 nail polish.  I couldn't pass up Gunner, a rare blue-based purple lipstick in the matte formula.  Once I saw some friends swatches of Runner, I decided to give it a try as well.  It's described as a burgundy, and I have enough of those, but I find it's actually more red than most of my burgundies.  It's gorgeous.  Some other blogs said it was patchy after it was applied but I put it on my somewhat chapped lips and it went on smoothly and looked fine to me.  It did leave a stain on my lips after I drank and ate.  Last, even though Stunner is a pink-based red, and I do have a few of those already (Glam, MAC Red) I went ahead and ordered it last night, just to have all 3.  I'll post swatches of that one when I get it.
I have to say, this is my favorite release from MAC since the Matte Lip Collection in September.  They're beautiful colors, and Gunner is truly unique.  Gunner is, of course, already sold out, but Runner and Stunner are still available on MAC's web site and probably are still on Nasty Gal's site as well.  I expect Runner to be the next one to sell out, probably sometime in the next week, so if you want it, get it soon!

Gunner, left, and Runner, right


Gunner on my lips (no primer or lip pencil)


Runner, no primer or lip pencil

If you look close there are a few darker patches, but if I exfoliated, used primer, or used a lip pencil that wouldn't be an issue
And I had to make the trio complete and buy Stunner, even though I knew it would look similar to some of my other reds (like Glam from last spring's By Request collection).  And it does, but it's still gorgeous! And it's the only one that's still in stock.


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