The MAC Cinderella collection

I'm not a big fan of fairy tales that tell little girls that a man will come and "save" them.  I heard/saw plenty of them when I was growing up and I think that's part of the reason that I had so many bad relationships.  On the surface I seemed independent - I moved out of my parents and into an apartment in the city with a friend, I put myself through college and was the first one in my family to get a college degree, I was the first of my siblings to move to another state. But always I was looking for a strong take-charge kind of man, and waiting for the day when I could get married, have children, and stop working. (That never happened.)
So when I first saw that MAC was doing a Cinderella collection, I thought "it's just another Disney fairy tale collection." I also thought that the products were too "meh". But the more I looked at the collection, the more I saw how well it represented the character of Cinderella.  Subtle, glittery, luminescent, innocent, and magical.  So... I ended up with the 2 powders, the Royal Ball lipstick, and the Happily Ever After lipgloss.  And I kind of wish I had bought the eyeshadow palette, too!  It has such great, every day colors in it. I haven't had a chance to actually wear any of the things yet, but here are some photos of what I got, at least.  They are all very sheer and pale, but I think they'll be great for a subtle look.
I want to see the movie, too. I guess that little girl somewhere inside me still likes the idea of the fairy tale, even though I know now that it's just that, a tale.

My favorite item is the iridescent powder, Coupe d'Chic. It's a pretty golden pink. 

The lipgloss is so pretty, too. A nice medium pink with tiny shimmer.

The Mystery Princess beauty powder is a silvery pink color.

Royal Ball is a very sheer pinky-beige


  1. I think the collection is lovely and have been enjoying all the blog posts on these products.


  2. It is very nice, Monica. I hope to go see the movie next week!


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