Haute Dogs collection swatches

Yes I know that I'm behind on collections. I haven't had much money lately, and unfortunately I don't get free samples.  So I get what I can when I can.  Two things I love are fall-themed lipsticks and MAC's Mineralize lipsticks for when my lips are dry (like in winter). The older I get the more I like creamy lipsticks that don't show all of my deep lip lines.  As I said in my last post, once you get to a certain point no over-the-counter lip treatment can get rid of the really deep ones. Primer helps but that's another post. When I'm in a hurry I like a lipstick that can look good all on it's own.  Most of MAC's creamy formulas do that for me, but the Mineralize ones FEEL good, like a lip balm.  So I wanted to get some nude/light colors to use this winter.  I picked up 2 from Haute Dogs that I thought would work.  The first, Rare Breed, isn't an overly noticeable color but I love the way it looks on me - a perfect pinky nude.  The other, Barking Gorgeous, does show more lines because it's a milkier peach color, but from a regular distance (vs. an up close photo), it looks nice.  Both are keepers for me.

I'm doing okay for my age, I think (let's just say over 45). Wearing Rare Breed here
Rare breed swatch and Barking Gorgeous swatch

Rare Breed
Barking Gorgeous

Rare Breed on my lips.  I love love love it

Barking Gorgeous is not quite as forgiving of lip lines due to it's more opaque peachy color


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