Don't like lipgloss? Take a look at MAC's Vamplify collection

I like lipgloss. It's great when my lips are dry, or when I want a sheer color with a wet look. Or when I just want a wet, sexy look.  And the older I get, the more lip lines it fills in.  In fact I'd say I like lip gloss a little TOO much, which is why I quit buying it. I have enough to last for several years (or until it goes bad).  I know other women who don't buy it, though, because they don't like it. It's too sticky and they don't want their hair getting stuck in it. So I suspect many of us were skeptical about MAC's new Vamplify glosses.  Yes, the swatches looked very opaque, but still, it's a gloss.
I stopped by the MAC counter at Nordie's tonight just to look around, and I had to try some hand swatching of these.  Oh. My. God.  They are stunning! Super opaque color, very thick-looking gloss.  And yet, when you put one on your lips, it feels very lightweight and smooth.  Amazing! The lip gloss research & development people have out done themselves on these.

Yes, it is still a gloss, but it doesn't feel like the tacky glosses.  As of yet it's not a perm product, so if you're curious go try them out before they're gone. These are one of those things that you can't "see" online, you really have to try them in person.  (And that's rare for me. I'm a big online shopper.)
Here are a few quick pics of the ones that I got (so far).


She-Rebel (the name and dark purple color made this a given for me)

What's Going On?
What's Going On on my lips. The feel of them is quite thin with a bit of slip, but they stay put and seem to dry down

Hyper fabulous on my hand (sorry no lip swatches yet)

She-Rebel on my hand - look how thick it is!

She-Rebel on my Lips. This one probably does need a lipstick or lip pencil underneath to keep the color even


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    1. It's amazing how innovative cosmetics companies are these days.


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