What kind of eye liner works well on "mature" eyes?

 As older women know, it gets hard to use any kind of liner when the skin on your eyes is lax, and liquid liner is the hardest. You can have the steadiest hand in the world, but as the liner goes across the skin it will hit bumps and skip over some segments of your eyelid.  If you draw it on with your skin pulled taut, when you let go of the skin the liner still doesn't look smoothly drawn on. (It's a bitch to apply eye make-up when you get older, so enjoy it it while you can, younger ladies!) I honestly had no idea how much I'd have to change my make-up routine when I got older.

Most of the time I use eye pencils because they're quick and I'm usually in a hurry.  I have a variety from MAC, a lot of Urban Decay's 24/7 pencils, and a few of Mufe's aqua liners.  I like them because they're soft and I usually smudge them. I don't expect precise lines from them, because that's not what they're best for.

If I want a more precise line, I use MAC's fluid line gel liners with a slanted angle eye brush.  I love gel's staying power, and it seems to flow over the bumpy loose skin easier than a liquid liner. It's also easier to fix than a liquid.

Those are my 2 go-to's. But when I'm in the mood for a liquid liner look, I use MAC's new fluid line pens. They work the best of all liquid liners that I've tried.  Not perfectly smooth, but pretty close.

Do any of you women over 50 have a favorite eye liner?


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