MAC X Chris Chang for Poesia collection

This is my favorite MAC collection for a long time, probably since Alluring Aquatics.  The packaging is just stunning. Every item I bought is like a little piece of art.  And most of the colors are actually unique, too.  I'm very surprised that it didn't sell out quickly, but that was good for me and anyone else who hasn't bought it yet.

I'm guessing that a lot of people looked at the swatches on Temptalia and decided the lipsticks were too sheer, especially the yellow and blue. All that meant to me was that I would need to wear a liner under the blue if I wanted more opaque color.  Vermillion Vee and DDDevilish are perfect as they are, as is Plum Princess.  I didn't buy the yellow because I won't wear it as-is and I don't need it to correct the color of other lippies. (I've got other yellows already.)

The lipsticks are all beautiful, but my personal favorite is Plum Princess. It's very unique in my collection, it's a gray-lavender, and just beautiful.  The eyeshadows are all very nice, too.  The orange is a little more coral, but I've got other bright orange shadows so that was okay. The yellow is a nice, bright, opaque yellow, and the blue is a nice opaque robin's egg blue. I skipped the pink because I have so many similar colors already.

Overall I highly recommend this collection if you like special packaging and unique colors. Back in 2008 I got a postcard from MAC about Manish Aurora, and I didn't even go look at that collection.  What a mistake! It had such gorgeous packaging.  I wasn't about to make that mistake again with this one.  Here's some photos of the products and swatches.

DDDevilish,  Cloud Gait, and Plum Princess

Royal Woo, Pale Pipa, Electric Mandarin

Vermillion Vee
Cloud Gait

Cloud Gait, with lip liner on top, without liner on bottom


Plum Princess

Plum Princess, no liner or primer

Vermillion Vee. Yes, even women over 50 can wear these!


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