Try some new lip colors, like slate blue. You might be surprised

The only proper colors for lips are shades of red and pink, you think? What about purple? Have you noticed how popular purple has become?  I was an early adopter of purple back in 2004 or so (MAC's Up the Amp is one of my all time favorites).
Lots of small, indie cosmetic companies have been making lipstick and glosses in every color that you can imagine for a few years now. I'd look at photos and I was always drawn to the blues. Then I'd remember the few times that I wore blue lipstick back in the 80's. It made my teeth look yellow.
"Not a good look", I'd tell myself, "not practical, either".  When I first saw the lipstick in MAC x Halsey, I was curious about it, but I kept talking myself out of it because it wasn't practical.  Then I read an article in Elle about the new colors becoming popular in lipsticks, and they had a photo of MAC x Halsey.  So I gave in, bought it, and tried it on my lips.  I can definitely wear this. In fact, I can see me wearing it a lot in the fall. Sure, I'll probably get some side-eye looks from others, but I don't care. It's the beginning of my experimental nature finally coming back to me.  I thought that maybe I'd gotten too old for unusual colors in make-up, hair, etc. I changed my mind, though.  If I like the way that I look and it brings me a bit of happiness to experiment, I think it's worth it to be bold.


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