The Estee Edit and my blue lipstick obsession

As I mentioned in my last post, I've had a craving for blue lipsticks recently. I also like the look of dark green lipsticks, so when Urban Decay came out with their new Vice lipsticks I planned to get the dark green one. I had it in my hand and was busy swatching the other 99 Vice lipsticks when I turned and saw some of the Estee Edit lipsticks in Sephora.  There was a gorgeous teal blue! I swatched it and swooned, I had to buy it.  It's named The Storm, it's one of their mattes. It's a no joke blue - darker than my others, and not one that people won't notice.
I got my opportunity to wear it recently when my brother, niece and nephew came to visit.  The "kids" (20 and 15, so not little kids) wanted to go into the city at night, which I thought was the perfect time to wear my lippie. I even asked my niece first if it would embarrass her ("no").  I even had a tunic that matched the color almost perfectly.  The funny thing was, once I left home I forgot I was even wearing it. We went to a neighborhood that is above the downtown area and gives a beautiful view of the city skyline. It's a popular place to go for tourists and residents alike so I was around plenty of people and I don't think I got too many side eyes, just one or two, honestly.

If you are an "out there" kind of person who likes to play with color, definitely check this one out.

The Storm by The Estee Edit with MAC's Soft Hint lipstick over it.


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