Are there any fall trends that you LOVE?

I've heard that a few things are popular for fall, among them, military jackets, menswear, lace, plaid, and the color camel.  I think I read short boots, too.  I've gotta say, the only one of these that I'm lovin' are the boots.  I love boots of all types, though, so that's a given for me.  Normally fall is my favorite season for fashion.  Maybe as I read more magazines I'll see some other things that I love.  If I do, I'll post pictures. 

One thing that I do know I love is fall make-up.  Lipstick in shades of berry, red, and this year's orangy-coral - I have them all and LOVE them all!!  Can't wait to dig out my MAC Red, MAC Ruby Woo, MAC Wild 'Bout You, and several others (yes, all MAC).

Are any of you excited about a particular look for fall?


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