There are contests for us creative types

I haven't entered an art contest since high school, but I'm thinking of doing it again simply to make myself stretch my imagination.  So as I find contests I share them here.  For this post it's a contest sponsored by Fire Mountain, with a deadline of Jan. 10, 2011.  It's for items made with metal clay, metal beads, wirework, and chain.  The categories are 1. necklaces, 2. Bracelets, 3. Earrings, 4. Home Decor and Dolls, 5. Wedding and holiday and 6. Fashion accessories.  The "gold medal" winner gets a 1,000.00 Gift certificate for Fire Mountain.  There are 6 winners, with the last receiving a 50.00 gift certificate for Fire Mountain.  click the link for this post to read more details at Fire Mountain's web site.
If any of you read this and end up winning, please let me know.  I'd love to feature winner's work on here.
And if anyone wants to post a comment to share other contests, click the hyperlink that says 0 comments (or if I'm lucky, 1 comment).  That will take you to a box where you can write a comment.


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