Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Are there any fall trends that you LOVE?

I've heard that a few things are popular for fall, among them, military jackets, menswear, lace, plaid, and the color camel.  I think I read short boots, too.  I've gotta say, the only one of these that I'm lovin' are the boots.  I love boots of all types, though, so that's a given for me.  Normally fall is my favorite season for fashion.  Maybe as I read more magazines I'll see some other things that I love.  If I do, I'll post pictures. 

One thing that I do know I love is fall make-up.  Lipstick in shades of berry, red, and this year's orangy-coral - I have them all and LOVE them all!!  Can't wait to dig out my MAC Red, MAC Ruby Woo, MAC Wild 'Bout You, and several others (yes, all MAC).

Are any of you excited about a particular look for fall?

Monday, September 27, 2010

Pittsburgh Fashion Week starts tomorrow!!

For the first time, Pittsburgh is hosting it's own fashion week.  Runway shows, vendors, various locations...  Let's help Pittsburgh become more involved in the fashion and design industry.  Event times, ticket prices, and other information are all listed on the web site.  I'll be attending the runway show for Crazy Hot Clothes - a Pittsburgh-based site selling quality unique vintage fashions.  The people at Crazy Hot Clothes search to find high-quality fashions at great prices.  Visit their site at  The picture is a sample from their site.  A steal for 35.50!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fashion Week begins in New York, Fall Fashion

This week New York City will showcase designer's spring 2011 collections.  That's a little far in advance for most of us to be thinking, though.  I've just started thinking about getting out some of my warmer clothes, and wondering how many of them will fit.  (not enjoying those thoughts.)  But I do love fall fashion - it's always been my favorite.  I can't wait to wear boots!  I just bought a pair of grey suede over the knee boots.  I realize that they were last season's trend, but I've always loved that height and couldn't resist them.
Is there anything that you're craving in fall fashion?  Is it something that you already own or something that you want to buy?

Monday, September 6, 2010

Who do you dress for?

Do you know why you like the styles you wear?  Sometimes it is just an unknown, "This rocks and I've got to wear it", and other times we wear things that we think will affect specific people.  For example, once I had an office job with a conservative company, and because I had so few ways to express myself, I gravitated toward unusual, rebellious-looking accessories.  These rings, earrings, dark lipstick, etc. were possibly never noticed by anyone else, but I felt better when I wore them. 
Likewise, I've often dressed to appeal to a man that I was interested in.  At one point I switched from wearing ankle-length skirts and dresses with flats to short dresses with high heels because I was interested in a guy at work.  My co-workers were startled to find out that I actually had legs!
Do you dress to make a statement to someone?  If you immediately say "no, just to please myself", are you sure?