Indulging in fall fashion magazines

Yesterday I got my newest issue of Elle magazine.  It's my favorite one of the year - the fall fashion preview.  Yes, probably half of it is advertisements, but that's part of the fun.  So much eye candy to take in.  I love curling up in bed or the couch and leafing through every page.  My imagination runs wild, pretending that I can afford to buy the high-end designer's clothes, and that I'd have places to wear some of the fancy dresses.  In reality, I'm with the majority of women who can't afford to buy clothes from Chanel, Dior, or the others in couture.  But it gives me ideas on how to wear the clothes that I can afford.  And in today's hectic world where I often feel that I'm wasting time if I sit down to read, this issue is a luxury that hardly costs me anything.  If you don't subscribe to any fashion magazines, I recommend buying one or two of the fall issues and giving yourself this luxury, too.  You deserve it!  To get your imagination started, here's a photo of my favorite fall-themed necklace that I have in my Etsy store. Now let your imagination soar and start thinking up your personal fall fashions!


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